Dr. Markus Dürrenberger

Zentrum Mikroskopie der Universität Basel
Klingelbergstrasse 50-70
CH-4056 Basel
Kragenbau, Room 0056 Phone: +41 61 267 14 04
Email: markus.duerrenberger-at-unibas.ch


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Microscopy Center

Electron microscopy for research and teaching purposes

The Center for Microscopy (ZMB) of the University of Basel provides electron microscope equipment of every description for research group projects and also plays a key role in education.

The greatest achievements of the ZMB were put on display at the façade of the Biozentrum on the occasion of the 2nd University-night; a compound eye of a fruit fly sized 6 by 9 meters (1 million final magnification).

The ZMB accepts microscopy commissions from all disciplines in Life Sciences and Medicine, supporting the research groups in their projects. The ZMB also carries out its own research projects to develop and refine methods of preparation, imaging techniques, and image processing software. The most important thing is to keep up with state-of-the-art microscopy and make the necessary new methods available to research.
Contact hours: 8am to 6pm.
Tel: +41 61 267 14 00.

ZMB for teaching purposes

Another of the ZMB's tasks is training laboratory staff and students on the electron microscopes. We also offer courses for students, so that they can acquire basic knowledge in microscopy. These courses are organized as part of the curriculum in Biology and Nanosciences. The head of the ZMB, Dr. Markus Dürrenberger, has a contract with the Faculty of Philosophy and Natural Sciences, University of Basel, to run the courses.

History of the Center

The Center for Microscopy of the University of Basel has been in existence since September 2001. It resulted from the merger of the Biozentrum's Interdepartmental Electron Microscopy (IEM) unit and the Scanning Electron Microscope (SEM) Laboratory of the University of Basel, at the time when Prof. Richard Guggenheim was appointed emeritus professor. The goal of the merger was to create a central platform for services related to electron microscopy, to be provided to researchers as well as for teaching purposes.

Administration of the ZMB is integrated into the University of Basel's Biozentrum. The president of the ZMB Users' Board, the professor of Microscopy at the Biozentrum, is at the same time the scientific director of the ZMB. Prof. Ueli Aebi of the Biozentrum's M.E. Müller Institute was the scientific director until 2010. Prof. Henning Stahlberg, the successor to Prof. Andreas Engel, was appointed head of the C-CINA and awarded the chair in Microscopy at the Biozentrum in 2010. He is currently the Scientific Director of the ZMB and President of the Users' Board.