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Alumninews Issue 12

In issue 12 we are pleased to introduce you to Biozentrum alumnus Gottfried Eisner. The ecotoxicologist, who is always on duty for the environment, grew up in Transylvania in Romania and made his way to Germany as a resettler. Recently on the move have also been the two new Biozentrum professors: Susan Mango embarked on the adventure of relocating from Harvard. As a visual person who has always loved science and the arts, she is eager to discover more of them in Basel. Médéric Diard is interested in the  arts, too − the art of living together. As a “sociologist” for bacterial communities, he tries to find alternatives to conventional antibiotic therapies to fight bacterial infections. As does Biozentrum alumnus Martin Fussenegger. 

Alumni portraits

Always on duty for the environment.

Interview with Gottfried Eisner, Study Director Ecotoxicology at Innovative Environmental Services (IES)

Springtails, earthworms, midges, zebrafish, bees and bacteria have important jobs at IES. They help determine the toxicity of novel substances to the environment More 

New Professors

Pictures in her mind’s eye

Interview with Susan Mango, Professor of Developmental Biology, Biozentrum

She is a visual person. When she thinks of RNA, molecules or proteins, she sees pictures not words. No wonder she also loves the arts. More

”Le Bonheur, c’est les autres”

Interview with Médéric Diard, Professor of Infection Biology, Biozentrum

As a “sociologist” for bacterial communities he studies how bacterial communities evolve and cooperate and how they keep those who cheat under control More


Chasing resistant microbes

In Europe, an estimated 25 000 deaths per year can be attributed to resistant pathogens. Martin Fussenegger fights pathogens by reprogramming human cells. More