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Alumninews Issue 19

For this issue, we met Alumnus Marcel Weber, Professor of Philosophy of Science at the University of Geneva, who talks about the influence of Jeff Schatz and Werner Arber on his path from molecular biology to philosophy, about his philosophical reflection of the life sciences and about what he has learned from the pandemic. We are also pleased to introduce you to Ben Engel, new Professor of Structural Biology and Biophysics, and to give you an insight into the first Biozentrum Retreat, the new Swiss High-field NMR Facility and the progress of our most recent start-ups. 


A philosophical perspective on science

“The stereotype of a thinker sitting in a room all alone with their brilliant ideas has never been true.” Biozentrum alumnus Marcel Weber must know. He is Professor of Philosophy of Science at the University of Geneva and especially interested in scientific reasoning. More

“It is important to appreciate how we are connected to the plant world.”

Ben Engel, new Professor of Structural Biology and Biophysics, is the first professor at the Biozentrum to research plants. He talks about his childhood in California, his love of nature, and the importance of scientific communication. More

First Biozentrum Retreat 

Last year, the Biozentrum organized its very first three-day Biozentrum Retreat. About 300 researchers, from master's students to professors, came together to share ideas about their scientific work and new technologies. More

New Swiss High-field NMR Facility

The new Swiss High-field NMR Facility, which offers researchers around Switzerland access to cutting-edge technology, was launched. Five instruments are available at the Biozentrum. More 

Kick-off and funding of start-ups

SEAL Therapeutics, dedicated to gene therapy for congenital muscular dystrophy, NXI Therapeutics to the development of new immunosuppressive drugs and Aukera Therapeutics to therapies for mTOR-related tumors all made significant progress. 

Biozentrum Highlights 2022

A year has gone by, characterized by personal interactions and captivating science, a year in which we breathed life into our new "home". Read about the most noteworthy moments of the past year. More