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Alumninews 16

He is a passionate biology teacher and man of many talents, she has become a communications trainer for scientists. For this issue we talked to the Biozentrum alumni Sacha Glardon and Hilde Janssens, who both did their PhD in Walter Gehring’s group. Funnily enough, they both allude to the same character trait of Walter. Furthermore, we present you two Biozentrics who are aiming high: Maria Hondele, who climbs steep rock faces, has just started as a new professor and Simon Ittig tells us what it takes to make his start-up airworthy.

When biology becomes a life’s passion

He cherishes Walter Gehring’s Drosophila strains, an old PCR machine from the Biozentrum and the Basel “Fasnacht”. Biozentrum alumnus Sacha Glardon is a passionate biology teacher and a man of many talents. More

Facing conflicts without fear

Seven different nations and cultures. Hilde Janssens has experience in how differently people communicate and so, after 20 years in research, she decided to become a communications trainer for scientists. More

Aiming high!

Skitouring, climbing steep rock faces − Maria Hondele is aiming high − also in academic terms. For the newly appointed professor, the ERC Starting Grant came just in time for a successful start at the Biozentrum. More

Prof. Martin Spiess on research assessment

Our scientific system is undergoing change. Standards for evaluating scientific achievements are being challenged. But how can these and different career paths be taken into account more fairly? More

T3 Pharma ready to fly

To take off requires a stable structure. Biozentrum alumnus Simon Ittig, cofounder of T3 Pharma which aims to fight cancer using live bacteria, tells us what it takes to make a company airworthy. More