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50 years of education and career promotion

When the Biozentrum opened its doors in 1971, it was not just its way of doing research that distinguished it from every other academic institution. Its approach to teaching was also defined by an innovative and at the time unique concept: the early involvement of students into the current research. For 50 years, the Biozentrum has thereby been laying the foundation for future careers.


Between lecture hall and lab
A research project of their own, first-class science and supervision and access to a team of researchers from all over the world are just a few of the reasons students have for embarking on a  Bachelor’s, Master’s or PhD program at the Biozentrum. With the Biozentrum Research Summer and the Basel Summer Science Academy, the Biozentrum offers even the youngest researchers an opportunity to experience the world of research firsthand. pdf download

Over the past 50 years, the Biozentrum has been a springboard for many researchers, catapulting them into a successful career in academia or industry. As professors at prestigious institutions, these four alumnae have left a lasting mark on their respective fields of research. pdf download

In general, Biozentrum alumni have a wide range of different careers and stories of life to tell. Alumni portraits