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Alumninews Archive

Alumninews Issue 14, November 2019

For this issue, we travelled to Bern and visited Biozentrum alumna Catherine Brun, who works as a scientific advisor at the ETH Board. In the interview, she reveals to us that leaving your comfort zone can be quite daunting but, in any case, it is a chance to try something new. New experiences and learning shape the brain. That is what interests Flavio Donato, the new Assistant Professor of Neurobiology at the Biozentrum. Prof. Richard Neher shares his point of view about Open Access publication and Roger Jenni, known as “Mister Neubau”, tells us about his increasing learning curve during all the phases of implementing the “New Biozentrum Building” project. And we go back in time, giving you an impression of the symposium in honor of the Nobel laureate Prof. em. Werner Arber, who celebrated his 90th birthday. PDF download

Alumninews Issue 13, June 2019

For this issue, we have again talked to two Biozentrum alumni: André Brunella, Head of Product Development for the oral care brands elmex and meridol, has been searching for years for the magic formula to spare us from having to visit the dentist. Meanwhile, Michaela Roth, has been seeking for different perspectives, first embarking for Tanzania and later to Sweden for her PhD. Still on the move is also Prof.em. Urs A. Meyer who with his eighty years has become none the quieter. He is involved in teaching, advises startups and travels the world giving lectures. Last but not least, Prof. Markus Affolter gives his viewpoint on CRISPR/Cas9. PDF download

Alumninews Issue 12, December 2018

In issue 12 we are pleased to introduce you to Biozentrum alumnus Gottfried Eisner. The ecotoxicologist, who is always on duty for the environment, grew up in Transylvania in Romania and made his way to Germany as a resettler.

Recently on the move have also been the two new Biozentrum professors: Susan Mango embarked on the adventure of relocating from Harvard. As a visual person who has always loved science and the arts, she is eager to discover more of them in Basel. Médéric Diard is interested in the  arts, too − the art of living together. As a “sociologist” for bacterial communities, he tries to find alternatives to conventional antibiotic therapies to fight bacterial infections. As does Biozentrum alumnus Martin Fussenegger. PDF download


Alumninews Issue 11, July 2018

We are pleased to introduce you in issue 11, once again to two Biozentrum alumni: Björn Grünenfelder, Senior Global Program Manager at Novartis, reveals the secrets of the “Nirvana” block course buddies, and Anna Mandinova, Assistant Professor of Dermatology at Harvard Medical School, that she not only appreciates Boston for being the best place for translational medicine but also for its American football team “Boston Patriots”.

In this issue, you will also find out more about Alex Schier, the new Director of the Biozentrum who has bonds to the Biozentrum that go back to the early 80s and about Emeritus Heinrich Reichert’s new busy life as a PhD mentor in India, lecturer in Cambodia and marine biology teacher in France. PDF download


Alumninews Issue 10, November 2017

In issue 10, Alumninews introduces you to the Biozentrum alumna Serej Ley, who spent four years as a scientist in Papua New Guinea. The second interviewee hardly needs introduction as he is known to most of you. Raymond Strittmatter, Head of the Mechanical Workshop, is celebrating his 40-year jubilee at the Biozentrum.

Alumninews also takes a stroll down memory lane on the occasion of Erich Nigg’s farewell and welcomes Alex Schier, the new Director of the Biozentrum and Biozentrum alumnus, and Camilo Perez, new Assistant Professor of Structural Biology. PDF download


Alumninews Issue 9, May 2017

In issue 9, Alumninews introduces you to the two Biozentrum Alumni Tobias Pauli, a specialist in ophthalmology and eye surgery and Kathrin Thedieck, Professor of Metabolism Signaling,

Alumninews also talked to Richard Neher, who recently joined the Biozentrum as a new Professor of Computational Modeling of Biological Processes. He gives us an insight into his online tool “” for which he has just been awarded the Open Science Prize, and his new joint project investigating the spread of hospital germs together with Adrian Egli, from the University Hospital Basel, who himself reports on his investigations. PDF download


Alumninews Issue 8, December 2016

In Issue 8, Alumninews introduces you to the Biozentrum Alumni  Christian Sengstag, Deputy Vice President for Research at the University of Basel, and Barbara Geering, Discovery Scientist at F. Hofmann-La  Roche.

In addition, the three Emeriti, Urs Meyer and Anna and Joachim Seelig, give a glimpse into current projects and Pascal Mäser sheds light on how parasites changed the course of world history. Finally, Janine Zankl presents the colorful world of the FACS Core Facility. We wish you enjoyable and interesting reading. PDF download


Alumninews Issue 7, May 2016

In issue 7, Alumninews introduces you to tjr Biozentrum Alumni Natalya Izergina, founder of the Basel based company “Recruiter’s Advice”, and Prof. Georg Halder, Principal Investigator in cancer and developmental biology at the Katholieke Universiteit Leuven in Belgium.

In addition Prof. em. Karl Hofbauer shares his knowledge about the history of timekeeping and different perceptions of time. We also celebrate the tenth jubilee of the Fellowship for Excellence PhD Program and shed light on some aspects of genetic mutations.  We wish you enjoyable and interesting reading. PDF download


Alumninews Issue 6, December 2015

In issue 6, Alumninews introduces you to the Biozentrum Alumni Thomas Meier, CEO of Santhera Pharmaceuticals, and Gabriela Güntherodt, Director for North America at BaselArea.

In addition Prof. em. Werner Arber, President of the Pontifical Academy of Sciences, will provide you with a glimpse beyond the Swiss guards into the Vatican. Similarly, Prof. Urs Jenal will shed light on the shared residence «Man» with its trillions of tiniest house mates. PDF download


Alumninews Issue 5, May 2015

In the issue 5, Alumninews  introduces you to the Biozentrum Alumni Anja Renold, Deputy Principal of Gymnasium Bäumlihof, along with Mathis Brauchbar, a partner at the communications agency «advocacy AG». A rather unusual Alumni pair has also found its way into this edition Robert Kübler, the Biozentrum’s oldest ever student began, at 64 years of age, to follow in his son’s footsteps, who had previously studied at the Biozentrum a good ten years ago. PDF download


Alumninews Issue 4, November 2014

In issue 4, Alumninews  introduces you two Biozentrum Alumni Nobel Prize laureate Prof. Randy Schekman and the patent attorney Isabelle Schubert. Of course, there is also news from the Biozentrum, with two new female professors, and Prof. em. Gottfried Schatz recalls past days and also tells us about his “after” life. PDF download


Alumninews Issue 3, May 2014

In this issue 3, Alumninews introduces you to the Biozentrum Alumni Thomas Müller, a journalist, and Nadine Cybulski, a medical writer for a communications agency, as well as to Prof. em. Walter Gehring, who, having just turned 75, is still actively involved in research.  And there is more to celebrate in this issue: Prof. Mike Hall was just awarded the Breakthrough Prize in Life Sciences and Prof. Silvia Arber’s the Otto Naegeli Prize for Medical Research. PDF download


Alumninews Issue 2, November 2013

A State Councilor, a Nobel Prize laureate, the first “Star of Wales” and an “International Photographer of the Year” –  issue 2 of the Alumninews comes up with a selection of fascinating stories about former Biocentrics. The Alumni section will introduce you to Hans-Peter Wessels, State Councilor of the Canton of Basel-Stadt, and Christiane Nüsslein-Volhard, who in 1995 was distinguished with the Nobel Prize for Medicine and Physiology.PDF download


Alumninews Issue 1, May 2013

42 years ago the Biozentrum came into being. Since then, 1800 undergraduate students, PhD students and postdocs have studied, carried out research and worked here. Many still feel closely connected to the Biozentrum. Therefore, the Alumninews wants to let you again actively share in the life at the Biozentrum. Twice a year, this newsletter will provide you with a look at the goings-on, with reports on who has been awarded emeritus status and on new appointments, awards, honors, publications and much more. We are also looking further afield. What has become of alumnus X or alumna Y?  Alumninews delivers the answer about two alumni per issue – today profiling Tom Walz, Professor at the Harvard Medical School, and Christian Itin, CEO of the biotech firm Cytos.  PDF download