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Welcome to the Biozentrum Alumni

Biozentrum Alumni worldwide

In May, 2013, the Biozentrum launched the Biozentrum Alumni organization as a subgroup of AlumniBasel with the goal of enabling its alumni to continue to participate in the life of the Biozentrum, to maintain relationships with former colleagues and to enhance their networking opportunities. The Biozentrum alumni are spread throughout the world: Almost 1000 of the 1800 alumni live abroad. With scientists from 45 countries, the Biozentrum presents itself also as an international hotspot today.


The Biozentrum Alumni is not only open to former students. There are professors, scientific staff and also non-scientific employees, who have often worked over decades for the Biozentrum. They are also invited to be part of this community. It is therefore very encouraging that from among the emeritus professors two have committed themselves to the Alumni Board, which steers and plans the activities of the organization.


In order to inform its members about interesting and newsworthy information from the Biozentrum and also about the professional development of some of its alumni, the Biozentrum publishes the ALUMNInews twice a year. Its members also have access to two web-based platforms to establish contacts and exchange knowledge. Meetings in person will become possible at future Biozentrum Alumni events.


Biozentrum Alumni members become automatically members of the AlumniBasel and can then also profit from the benefits and services of the parent organization.