Biozentrum Alumninews

We are pleased to introduce you, once again, to two Biozentrum Alumni; Tobias Pauli, a specialist in ophthalmology and eye surgery, who already looked deeply into other’s eyes during his Biozentrum days – back than it was flies’ eyes – and Kathrin Thedieck, Professor of Metabolic Signaling, who is working across the Dutch-German border.

Alumninews also talked to Richard Neher, who recently joined the Biozentrum as a new Professor of Computational Modeling of Biological Processes. He gives us an insight into his online tool “” for which he has just been awarded the Open Science Prize, his research on influenza and other viruses and his new joint project investigating the spread of hospital germs together with Adrian Egli, from the University Hospital Basel, who himself reports on his investigations.

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