Biozentrum Alumni

Biozentrum Alumni members can take advantage of the offers and services provided by both the Biozentrum and the parent organization AlumniBasel. This is because members of the Biozentrum Alumni automatically also become AlumniBasel members.


The central goal of the Biozentrum Alumni is the promotion of a worldwide network of former students, PhDs, postdocs, professor, scientific staff and non-academic employees. Two online platforms are available to members for this purpose:


With its ALUMNInews, the Biozentrum aims to share its current life with former employees and students. It reports about the retirement of professors, new appointments, new publications, awards, honors and much more and also highlights the career developments of various alumni presenting two portraits in every issue. The ALUMNInews are published in English twice a year.


The Biozentrum plans to organize regular events for its Alumni members, to promote the exchange of knowledge and information and to inform the local Alumni members in person about new developments at the Biozentrum.

AlumniBasel Membership

The AlumniBasel membership comprises, along with the above mentioned online Who-is-who an alumni magazine and further services such as email-forwarding and the so called campus and outside benefits.