The Biozentrum Alumni offers two types of memberships: The Standard Membership and a Trial Membership for new graduates. It automatically includes a membership for AlumniBasel. The Biozentrum Alumni is a community of all those who have studied, carried out research, taught or worked in another function at the Biozentrum.

Standard Membership

Standard Membership is available to the following persons:

  • Alumni of the Biozentrum, University of Basel (BSc, MSc and PhDs,) who since one year or longer are no longer enrolled
  • Emeritus professors of the Biozentrum
  • Former scientists and non-academic employees of the Biozentrum.
  • Scientists at the Biozentrum, who have worked at the Biozentrum for more than two semesters.

All Standard members benefit from the Biozentrum Alumni benefits, AlumniBasel benefits, campus benefits and the outside benefits. The annual membership fee is CHF 60.-.

Apply here (select "Alumni Biozentrum" in the field "Membership")

Trial Membership for New Graduates

New graduates from the Biozentrum are offered a free trial membership and can benefit from various services.  Duration: 1 year from registration

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