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Prof. Misha Kudryashev

Max Planck Institute for Biophysics, Frankfurt on Main, Germany

Structure of ion channels in membranes by cryo-EM

"Ion channels open and close ion-conductive pores in membranes regulating many important physiological processes including synaptic transmission and propagation of action potentials. Native lipids, transmembrane gradients, interacting partners modulate structure and function of ion channels in the physiological settings and are often lost during the preparation of the channels for structural analysis. During the talk I will present structures of two ion channels in presence of native lipids: a serotonin receptor ion channel by single particle cryo-EM and ryanodine receptor RyR1 in native membranes by cryo electron tomography. I will demonstrate the interplay between lipids and protein function and discuss further perspective of mechanistic understanding of ion channels in native context."