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ELN-Wiki Introduction Process

We accompany and support laboratories interested in starting to use ELN-Wiki on the way to the adoption of this new tool. A number of initial steps are taken to align the system with the goals of the group. 

Contact us if your group is interested to enroll in ELN-Wiki. 

ELN-Wiki Refresher

On demand, we organize refresher workshops with research groups that have been using the ELN-Wiki for some time, have grown beyond the first steps and now are ready to do more, or require help with how to best address specific requirements. At the same time, the refresher workshop is useful for those group members who have joined a lab since the ELN was introduced, and who might have additional questions. 



Lectures listed in the University Course Directory

Fall Semester: 45249-01 - Vorlesung mit Übungen: Python Programming for Structural Biology (1 KP)

  • Day 1: Analysis of structural and biophysical data with Python. Numerical Python modules: NumPy, SciPy, Pandas. Data visualization: Matplotlib
  • Day 2: Working with protein structures and sequences. Biopython, OpenStructure and PyMOL
  • Day 3: Practical session. Ideally with application to participants' research projects

The course will cover the essentials of practical Python programming for structural biology. It is designed for PhD and MSc students who already have basic knowledge in Python programming and would like to learn how to enhance their skills to solve realistic cases in the field of structural biology. The focus will be put on acquiring practical knowledge about Python modules relevant to structural biology, numerical analysis and visualization. The course days consist of an introductory presentation on the basic concepts and best practices, followed by practical exercises, during which participants can apply the acquired skills.



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