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10th Biozentrum PhD Retreat, 2018

The 10th PhD Retreat will take place in Engelberg from June 7th to 9th, 2018.

The PhD Retreat is an exceptional opportunity to meet your colleagues in a friendly environment, discuss science and have a lot of fun. Therefore, we would like to invite you to join this event, which became an integral part of the PhD framework program at the Biozentrum. Every student has to participate at least twice during the PhD (for those who started Fall 2016 or later). For the successful participation, you will receive one credit point and maybe even win a prize for the best posters and talks!

Thanks to our sponsors mentioned below, including the Biozentrum, Pharmazentrum and many others, participation is free of charge. All costs concerning the retreat (hotel, conference, meals, coffee breaks, etc.) are covered, except for travel expenses which should be arranged by the student.

This year our speakers are Csaba Szántay, professor at the Technical University of Budapest and author of ‘Anthropic Awareness: The Human Aspects of Scientific Thinking in NMR Spectroscopy and Mass Spectrometry’ with a talk on human aspects of scientific thinking. Secondly, Christian Schelpütz, beamline scientist at the Paul Scherrer Institut, will give us a peek behind the scenes of the time-resolved tomography program at the TOMCAT beamline. Our third speaker is Rana Lonnen, founder of two pharmaceutical companies who is now in Novartis as Head of Strategic Venture Capital. She will share her experience as venture capitalist. 

All PhD students of the Biozentrum and the Pharmazentrum are welcome!

Looking forward to meeting you in Engelberg, 

The 2018 PhD Retreat organizing committee

Maryam Farzan, Yana Demyanenko, Joka Pipercevic, Shubham Singh, Margo van Berkum, Jue Theresa Wang and Cora Wiesner

on behalf of the PhD Representatives::