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Structural Biology and Biophysics Seminar (SBBS)

All seminars take place on Tuesday, 12:15, room BZ 411.

Exceptions: Tuesday 27th November 2018: 14:30 Room BZ511; Tuesday 4th December 2018: 14:15 Room BZ411

To get the KP for this seminar all of the 5 seminars per semester have to be attended (sign-in sheet).

The seminars are followed by a sandwich lunch for PhD students with the speaker.

Check this website for updates.

16.10.18 | Prof. Paul Schanda (Institut de Biologie Structurale Grenoble, France)

Integrated structural biology tackles dynamic complexes: from membrane-protein chaperones to structure-determination/dynamics/function studies of large enzyme complexes

06.11.2018 | Prof. Thorsten Hugel (University Freiburg, Germany)

20.11.2018 | Prof. Juri Rappsilber (TU Berlin, Germany)

Cellular cartography at molecular detail: in situ cross-linking mass spectrometry

27.11.2018 | Prof. Bernd Reif (TU München, Germany) 14:30 Room BZ511

Protein aggregation investigated by NMR spectroscopy

04.12.2018 | Prof. Patrick Cramer (MPI Biophysicalchemistry Göttingen, Germany) 14:15 Room BZ103 !!!!Attention Room change!!!!

A molecular mechanism for RNA polymerase II activation