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Biozentrum Research Summer participants give you an insight into their experiences during their seven to nine week internship at the Biozentrum. 

Nathalie Huldi, University of Basel, Switzerland

My idea of everyday life in research changed completely through the internship and maybe, with it, my future career. More

Tim Arni, EPFL Lausanne, Switzerland

The tasks were tailored to me as a second year student and I did many exciting things during these eight weeks of internship. More

Gabriele Pumo, University of Basel, Switzerland

The summer internship is great because if you want to learn about science, the best way to do it, is to do it first-hand. More

Míriam Condeminas Rodríguez, University of Barcelona, Spain

For me, with this summer internship, a dream has come true. Doing real research at the lab bench is amazing. More

Dimitris Koufopoulos, University of Aberdeen, Scotland

This summer internship really helps you to find out if you like lab work and research and this may alter your whole career. More

Patricia Marini, University of Basel, Switzerland

During the summer internship I not only learnt new methods but also that doing research requires a lot of motivation and endurance. More