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Wednesday, 28.07.2021   Lecture and Welcome Apéro

16:30h – 17.15h (HS1): Lecture by Prof. Flavio Donato
“Building neuronal networks to create memories and navigate through space”

17.20h Photoshoot:
Meeting of BZRS students at the reception Pharmacenter for the BZ Research Summer group picture 

as of 17.30h Welcome Apéro at the rooftop, Klingelbergstrasse 61

Wednesday, 04.08.2021Lecture, followed by a visit to the Kunstmuseum Basel

17:00h – 17.45h (HS1): Lecture by Prof. Sebastian Hiller
“The outer membrane insertase as a novel antibiotic target” 

18:30h – 19.30h: guided tours at Kunstmuseum Basel

Thursday, 19.08.2021Lecture, followed by an evening cruise on the Rhine with dinner

17.30h – 18.15h (HS1): Lecture by Prof. Marek Basler
“Type VI Secretion System: from the structure to the mode of action of a dynamic bacterial nanomachine”

19.00h: Departure of the boat “Rhystärn” from Basel Schifflände
Evening cruise on the Rhine including dinner

Thursday, 02.09.2021Final Symposium and Goodbye-Dinner

16.30h – 18.00h (HS1): Final Symposium
All BZRS Students will present their projects

18.30h Apéro  

19.00h Goodbye-Dinner
at Restaurant Bohrerhof Merkurstrasse 101, 4123 Allschwil (Bus 33 / stop “Wanderstrasse”)

 All events will take place in due consideration of the government guidelines!

The events are open to all Research Summer Students, their Lab Hosts and PI’s

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