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Travel grants and support for participants

FEMS, EMBO and the Boehringer Ingelheim Foundation are providing travel support. Please see below for each specific opportunity. 

1) FEMS Early Career Scientist Grants

You are eligible to apply for this travel grant if:

  • You are an active microbiologist who obtained your degree (Bachelor, Master or PhD) less than five years prior to the abstract submission deadline, or are currently a PhD student
  •  You are a member of a FEMS Member Society

If you answered yes to both points, please fill this form and return it to nacarb2022-bzunibasch

2) EMBO travel and childcare grants

EMBO is providing us with Travel grants & registration fee waivers as well as Childcare grants

  • Priority will be given to participants working in laboratories in: Croatia, Czech Republic, Estonia, Greece, Hungary, Italy, Malta, Lithuania, Poland, Portugal, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain and Turkey. 
  • Additional travel and registration fee waivers are allocated exclusively for participants of any nationality working in laboratories in Chile, India, Singapore and Taiwan. 
  • Childcare grants include fees for a caregiver or child-care facility, travel or accomodation costs for a caregiver and for taking the child to the meeting

Please reach out to us if you are eligible for EMBO support 

3) Boehringer Ingelheim Foundation grant

Recipients of these meeting attendance grants will be selected from the abstracts by the organizing committee.

Eligibility requirements to be considered for this financial support include:

  • Early career scientist
  • Be selected for a short talk. 

Please reach out to us for further information