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IT-Services Center

The state of 1500 computers lies in their hands. About 3200 employee queries are dealt with by the IT-Services Center annually. This starts from simple software installations and ranges to jointly developing solutions for microscopy data storage.

The IT-Services Center KLB (Klingelbergstrasse) installs, configures and administers all computer workplaces at the Biozentrum – promptly and competently. The team supports employees with the configuration of laptops, ensures access to the informatics resources and provides advice for purchasing hardware. Thanks to an extensive knowledge database, employees can directly find answers to commonly asked questions in the Biozentrum’s Intranet.

Science specific requirements
Furthermore the IT-Services Center supports the scientists by integrating computers to produce and drive scientific instruments required for data evaluation and sample analysis as well as the software installation. For special set-ups, the IT team, together with the researchers, develop custom made solutions. IT also forms the interface to the technology platform Research IT when questions concerning the collection and storage of biological data arise. 

Employees of the Biozentrum can find an overview about the internal services on the Biozentrum Intranet here.