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Training documentsBasics of Flow Cytometry a basic introduction and main applications of Flow Cytometry from June 2020

Crimes in Flow Cytometry aims to highlight possible mistakes in Flow Cytometry and is based on J. Wilshires presentation Forensic Flow Cytometry
General links The International Society for Advancement of Cytometry is a scientific and educational organization that leads the way in development of cytometry, transfer of new methodologies, and exchange of cutting-edge scientific and technical information in quantitative cell sciences. PUCL is one of the leading laboratories in cytometry, with many informative resources. a resource for flow cytometry, antibody search, knowledge and services.

Our instrument booking homepage

ToolsOn the BD spetrum viewer or the Invitrogen spectrum viewer you can check for the excitation and emission spectra of fluorochromes and evaluate their compatibility with the configuration of the instrument

Flowingsoftware is a free software for the analysis of fcs-files.

FluoroFinder provides a antibody panel design platform and a spectra viewer on their new platform FluoroSearch 
E-books and online tutorials

‘Flow Cytometry – a basic introduction’ by Michael G. Omerod 


'Flow Cytometry Protocols' by Teresa S. Hawley

Archive of BD webinar recordings

Archive of Invitrogen webinar recordings

FlowJo video tutorials provide basic and advanced tutorials

Archive of FlowJo webinar recordings 



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