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C1: Membrane Traffic and Cytoskeleton – 14476

(2 hrs/week; 2 CP; Spring 2021)

St. Helliwell, H. Hermann-Lerdon, J. Pieters, A. Spang, M. Spiess, M. Steinmetz

The organization of a eukaryotic cell, the positioning of the organelles, the distribution of proteins and their transport routes, as well as cell shape and motility depend on the cytoskeleton. This lecture covers on the one hand how proteins are targeted to organelles, inserted in to the lipid bilayer, and transported with membranes in the secretory and endocytic pathways. On the other hand, it describes the major components of the cytoskeleton, their assembly and regulation, their plasticity and regulation, and the role of the cytoskeleton in signaling, intracellular transport and cell division.