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Ruder, Ludwig; Schina, Riccardo; Kanodia, Harsh; Valencia-Garcia, Sara; Pivetta, Chiara; Arber, Silvia (2021). A functional map for diverse forelimb actions within brainstem circuitry.. Nature, , 1-28.

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Gray, Declan A; White, Joshua B R; Oluwole, Abraham O; Rath, Parthasarathi; Glenwright, Amy J; Mazur, Adam; Zahn, Michael; BaslĂ©, Arnaud; Morland, Carl; Evans, Sasha L; Cartmell, Alan; Robinson, Carol V; Hiller, Sebastian; Ranson, Neil A; Bolam, David N; van den Berg, Bert (2021). Insights into SusCD-mediated glycan import by a prominent gut symbiont.. Nature communications, 12(1), 44.

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Blum, Thorsten B.; Housset, Dominique; Clabbers, Max T. B.; van Genderen, Eric; Bacia-Verloop, Maria; Zander, Ulrich; McCarthy, Andrew A.; Schoehn, Guy; Ling, Wai Li; Abrahams, Jan Pieter (2021). Statistically correcting dynamical electron scattering improves the refinement of protein nanocrystals, including charge refinement of coordinated metals. Acta Crystallographica Section D, 77(1), 75-85.

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