Biozentrum Events

20.11.2017  | 17:00 - 18:00
Add to Calendar Location: BZ 411

New research concepts to accelerate drug development against Malaria

Seminar Series: Infection biology - From in vitro models to human patients, Dr. Jörg Möhrle, Medicines for Malaria Venture
  • Host: Prof. Urs Jenal
20.11.2017  | 16:00 - 17:00
Add to Calendar Location: KLB61, Lounge

Synthetic mammalian gene circuits: from fundamentals to applications

Seminar Series: Current Research in Bioinformatics I, Prof. Kobi Benenson, ETH Zürich, Department of Biosystems Science and Engineering, Basel, Switzerland Host: Anastaiya Börsch
20.11.2017  | 17:00 - 17:30
Add to Calendar Location: BZ 103

Retinol dehydrogenase (SRP35/DHRS7C) and skeletal muscle function.

Seminar Series: Basel Muscle Club,  F. Zorzato, Department of  Anesthesiology, University Hospital Basel, Basel
  • Host:  Mara Fornaro, Markus Rüegg