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August 22, 2012

Microscale Thermophoresis

There is a new instrument available in the Biophysics Facility: the Nanotemper Monolith NT.115 Microscale Electrophoresis instrument.

Prof. Mike Hall

This is an exciting and relatively new technology that monitors the movement of a fluorescently-labelled molecule in a micro-scale temperature gradient generated by an IR laser. This movement depends upon size, charge and hydration shell, making the technique a sensitive probe of binding and conformational change. The instrument uses very little material (~ 20 ul of low nM fluorescently-labelled material for each of 16 points in a titration). Since the measurements are made by fluorescence, in isolated glass capillaries, the technique is relatively robust when applied to complicated biological solutions (such as cell lysates).

At the bottom of this page you can access two files: an introduction to the technique and its applications, and a graph showing the excitation and emission parameters of the filter sets that we have.