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Christian Lori awarded Gottfried Schatz Prize 2016

At the Biozentrum Symposium 2017, Christian Lori, postdoc in the group of Prof. Urs Jenal, received the Gottfried Schatz PhD Student Prize 2016 of the Biozentrum endowed with 3,000 Swiss Francs. He was awarded for his PhD thesis on the bacterial signaling molecule c-di-GMP and its role in chromosome replication and cell cycle progression. His dissertation was evaluated as excellent – summa cum laude.

The annual award is for an outstanding PhD thesis (carried out at the Biozentrum) in the area of “Biochemistry/Cell Biology”. The awardee will be selected by the committee members of the Biozentrum Basel International PhD Program “Fellowships for Excellence” based on the thesis, grade and the evaluation in the Referat and Korreferat.