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Research Associate (100%)

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How does life emerge from molecules and cells? This is the central question that motivates us. With curiosity and passion, we investigate the entire spectrum ranging from the atom to the organism. The Biozentrum of the University of Basel is one of the world’s leading life sciences institutes. With 32 groups and 500 employees, we are a dynamic and international research community that has spawned many fundamental discoveries in biology and medicine as well as several Nobel Laureates. Become part of our community!

The van Nimwegen group at the Biozentrum of the University of Basel is looking for a permanent Research Associate to contribute to the work in the experimental section of the group.

The focus of the wet lab of the van Nimwegen group is the functioning and evolution of gene regulation at the single-cell level in bacteria. We use a combination of approaches including microfluidics in combination with time-lapse microscopy, flow cytometry, and in-lab evolution. A unique feature of the lab is its strong interaction with theoreticians, with many members having backgrounds in theoretical physics or other quantitative fields. Experimental approaches pursued in the lab are to a large extent motivated by theoretical questions, involve sophisticated quantitative techniques, and are integrated with cutting-edge theoretical modeling of the data. It is essential that the candidate feels at home and motivated within this lab culture.

Your responsibilities
You are expected to contribute to the research in the lab by pursuing your own research project (80%; under the supervision of senior researchers of the group in case of junior applicants). In addition, you will responsible for ordering and for equipment maintenance in the lab (20%). You will also assist students and postdocs in designing experiments and learning the core technologies used in the lab. After settling in, you will have the opportunity to supervise interns.

Your profile
You have a Master/PhD degree in Biology or a related topic.

The following skills are highly desired and you are expected to possess at least several of these:

  • Microbiology including lab automation tools (plate reader, plate handling robot, etc.)
  • Molecular biology (cloning, library prep, bacterial genetics in particular chromosomal integration)
  • Design of genomic modifications (e.g. restriction / ligation, Gibson, Golden Gate, site-directed mutagenesis)
  • Quantitative fluorescence microscopy
  • Microfluidics
  • Computational analysis of experimental data using command line tools (growth curves, titration assays, etc.)

Optional skills in Flow cytometry and Biochemistry (eg. protein extraction, protein gel, protein purification) would be helpful. Experience with samples and stocks management, and/or lab data management is also a plus.

You should be proficient in spoken and written English. Most importantly, we seek somebody that resonates with the scientific questions and approaches taken in the lab and it is highly desired that you take initiative to actively engage with and contribute to the science pursued in the lab.  Finally, you should be able to work efficiently both in collaboration with other lab members as well as on your own experimental projects.

We offer
This position offers an exciting opportunity for a highly motivated individual to contribute to a vibrant international research community.

The initial contract will be for one year (renewable) with the possibility of making it a permanent position.

For more information on research in the van Nimwegen Lab see:

Please apply online:

The application should include a brief personal statement, explaining how your qualifications and experience make you a good fit for this position, together with a full, up-to-date CV and addresses of 2 references.

We start reviewing applications until the position is filled. Please note that only online applications via the application portal will be accepted. For general inquiries please send an email to: erik.vannimwegenunibasch.