Group Leaders

Group Leaders and their fields of research

Jan Pieter Abrahams: Uncovering the fundamental shapes of life

Markus Affolter: Development of blood vessels and complex organs

Silvia Arber: Motor circuit function

Marek Basler: Unraveling the secrets of bacterial injection needles

Attila Becskei: Mechanisms controlling gene regulatory networks

Dirk Bumann: Single-cell pathogen activities during infection and treatment

Christoph Dehio: Molecular mechanisms of chronic bacterial infections   

Médéric Diar: Ecology and evolution of the virulence of entero-pathogenic bacteria

Fiona Doetsch: Stem cells in the adult mammalian brain

Stephan Grzesiek: Insights into the structure and function of biomolecules    

Michael N. Hall: mTOR signaling in growth and metabolism

Christoph Handschin: Molecular understanding of healthy and diseased muscles

Sebastian Hiller: NMR spectroscopy to unravel biomolecular mechanisms

Urs Jenal: Signaling in bacterial cell growth and virulence   

Roderick Lim:  Cellular nanomechanics and nucleocytoplasmic transport control

Timm Maier: Blueprints of biosynthetic and regulatory protein assemblies

Susan Mango: Development of stem cells into complex organs

Richard Neher: Microbial evolution and adaptation  

Camilo Perez: Biogenesis and importance of the bacterial cell wall

Jean Pieters: Deciphering the mechanisms of immune cell activation

Markus Rüegg: Function and dysfunction of skeletal muscle and synapses

Peter Scheiffele: Principles of neuronal network formation

Alex Schier: Embryonic development of vertebrates and regulation of sleep

Tilman Schirmer: Molecular mechanisms of protein regulation

Torsten Schwede: Computational modeling of 3D protein structures  

Anne Spang: Defining principles of intracellular organization

Martin Spiess: Biogenesis and transport of membrane proteins

Henning Stahlberg: Imaging and 3D reconstruction of vital proteins  

Kelly Tan: Neuronal subcircuits controlling motor tasks  

Erik van Nimwegen: Function and evolution of genome-wide regulatory networks  

Mihaela Zavolan: Key regulators of gene expression and cell identity