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Since its inception, the “Biozentrum PhD Fellowships” program has been highly successful, recruiting more than 52 extremely talented students, from over 26 different countries. About 50% are women. 

The “Biozentrum PhD Fellowships” program was established in 2006 with the generous support of the Werner Siemens-Foundation who recognized the value of an international excellence program. After the initial financial support of the Werner Siemens-Foundation, the University of Basel took over funding the salaries of new fellows in 2010 to assure the continuation of the program, since it has proven to be both a great opportunity for the graduates and an enrichment for the international community of the Biozentrum. In the coming years, the growing number of alumni will facilitate the networking amongst current and former fellows worldwide.

Alumni 2019

NamePeriod of PhDResearch GroupResearch Area
Ricardo Diogo Righetto2014 - 2019Henning StahlbergStructural Biology & Biophysics
Arantxa Urchueguia2014 - 2019Erik van NimwegenComputational & Systems Biology

Alumni 2018

NamePeriod of PhDResearch GroupResearch Area
Dr. Sebastian Rühl2013 - 2018Petr Broz/ Sebastian HillerStructural Biology & Biophysics
Dr. Barbara Heim-Kupr2013 - 2018Christoph HandschinGrowth & Development
Dr. Anna Hagmann2014 - 2018Timm MaierStructural Biology & Biophysics
Dr. Nathalie Rion2013 - 2018Markus RueggNeurobiology

Alumni 2017

NamePeriod of PhDResearch Group Research Area
Dr. Dominik Buser2013 - 2017Martin SpiessGrowth & Development
Dr. Friederike Benning2012 - 2017Timm MaierStructural Biology & Biophysics
Dr. Anne Grahl 2014 - 2018Stefan GrzesiekStructural Biology & Biophysics
Dr. Dominik A. Herbst2012 - 2017Timm MaierStructural Biology & Biophysics 
Dr. Peter Ringel2013 - 2017Marek BaslerInfection Biology
Dr. Simon Marlaire2013 - 2018Christoph DehioInfection Biology
Dr. Kathrin Sprecher2013 - 2017Urs JenalInfection Biology

Alumni 2016

NamePeriod of PhDResearch GroupResearch Area
Dr. Ilaria Alborelli2011 - 2016Markus AffolterGrowth & Development
Dr. Vahap Aydogan2012 - 2016Markus AffolterGrowth & Development
Dr. Martino Bertoni2012 - 2016Torsten SchwedeComputational & Systems Biology
Dr. Jonathan Gill2011 - 2016Christoph HandschinGrowth & Development
Dr. Stefan Harmansa2012 - 2016Markus AffolterGrowth & Development
Dr. Matthias Kaiser2010 - 2016Erik van NimwegenComputational & Systems Biology
Dr. Mario Metzler2012 - 2016Markus AffolterGrowth & Development
Dr. Thi-Minh-Phuc Nguyen2011 - 2016Peter ScheiffeleNeurobiology
Dr. Loïc Sauteur2010 - 2016Markus AffolterGrowth & Development
Dr. Congwei Wang2011 - 2016Anne SpangGrowth & Development

Alumni 2015

NamePeriod of PhDResearch GroupResearch Area
Dr. Verena Albert2010 - 2015Mike HallGrowth & Development
Dr. Ursula Broder2011 - 2015Urs JenalInfection Biology
Dr. Morgane Callon2011 - 2015Sebastian HillerStructural Biology & Biophysics
Dr. Andreas J. Gruber2010 - 2015Mihaela ZavolanComputational & Systems Biology
Dr. Fabian Gruss2011 - 2015Timm MaierStructural Biology & Biophysics
Dr. Ying Ying Lee2011 - 2015Peter ScheiffeleNeurobiology
Dr. Alberto Reinders2011 - 2015Urs JenalInfection Biology
Dr. Anna Baron2011 - 2015Erich NiggGrowth & Development

Alumni 2014

NamePeriod of PhDResearch GroupResearch Area
Dr. Christian Arquint2010 - 2014Erich NiggGrowth & Development
Dr. Ivana Dinulovic2010 - 2014Christoph HandschinGrowth & Development
Dr. Alexander Harms2011 - 2014Christoph DehioInfection Biology
Dr. Yun Yueh Lu2010 - 2014Christoph DehioInfection Biology

Alumni 2013

NamePeriod of PhDResearch GroupResearch Area
Dr. Emanuela Basaldella2009 - 2013Silvia ArberNeurobiology
Dr. Alain Casanova2011 - 2013Christoph DehioInfection Biology
Dr. Shyan Low Huey2009 - 2013Christoph DehioInfection Biology
Dr. Kathrin Pieles2009 - 2013Christoph DehioInfection Biology
Dr. Christiane Pudenz2010 - 2013Silvia ArberNeurobiology

Alumni 2012

NamePeriod of PhDResearch GroupResearch Area
Dr. Anna Lenard2008 - 2012Markus AffolterGrowth & Development
Dr. Jullie Weidner2008 - 2012Anne SpangGrowth & Development
Dr. Vanja Vukojevic2009 - 2012Andreas Papassotiropoulus
Dr. Corinna Wentzel2009 - 2012Peter ScheiffeleNeurobiology

Alumni 2011

NamePeriod of PhDResearch GroupResearch Area
Dr. Biter Bilen 2007 - 2011Mihaela ZavolanComputational & Systems Biology
Dr. Simon Ittig2008 - 2011Guy CornelisInfection Biology
Dr. Christoph Kasper2008 - 2011Cécile ArrieumerlouInfection Biology
Dr. Aaron Robitaille2007 - 2001Mike HallGrowth & Development
Dr. Samuel Steiner2008 - 2001Urs JenalInfection Biology
Dr. Uli Rockenbauch2007 - 2011Anne SpangGrowth & Development
Dr. Matthias Zwick2008 - 2001Anna SeeligStructural Biology & Biophysics

Alumni 2010

NamePeriod of PhDResearch GroupResearch Area
Dr. Alice Stephan (Krudewig)2007 - 2010Markus AffolterGrowth & Development