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1. When is the PhD retreat?

The PhD retreat 2019 takes place 27th-29th June 2019. The PhD retreat starts on Thursday 27th of June around 10:00h and closes on Saturday 29th of June around noon.

2. Where is the PhD retreat?

The PhD retreat takes place in Switzerland and the exact location changes from year to year. Hotel Murtenhof & Krone in the town of Murten (kanton Fribourg) is the location of the PhD retreat 2019. All participants as well as keynote speakers will be hosted in hotel Murtenhof & Krone and we'll make use of the hotel's seminar facilities for plenary and poster sessions.

3. When can I register for the PhD retreat?

Registration for the PhD retreat 2019 is open from March 1st until March 31st, 23:59h CET. 

4. How can I register for the PhD retreat?

All PhD students eligible to participate will receive a registration link by email. To register, fill out the registration form in the PhD retreat workspace on ADAM.

5. Is participation mandatory?

Students of the Biozentrum who started their PhD studies Fall 2016 or later need to earn at least 2 ECTS during their PhD from active participation at PhD retreats. After each successful participation to a PhD retreat, you receive 1 ECTS. Participation for students from the Dept. of Pharmaceutical Sciences is not mandatory.

6. How can I receive my credit point?

To obtain the credit point you are responsible for filling out your learning contract before the event. Details on how to submit your learning contract will follow soon. During the PhD retreat, it is mandatory to attend all sessions and to sign for attendance every day.

7. Is there a participation fee?

Thanks to the generous support from the University, funds and sponsors, participation to the PhD retreat is free of charge! However, you will need to pay for your own travel expenses. You can ask your PI for reimbursement. In case you are from the Dept. of Pharmaceutical Sciences, you can contact your PhD student association for reimbursement.

8. Do I need to bring my poster myself?

Yes, you are responsible for printing your poster on time and for bringing it to the retreat. Posters need to be A0 size (portrait mode) and can be printed via the Printshop of the Biozentrum.