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Growth & Development

The spatial and temporal regulation of interactions between molecules is fundamental to life. Growth & Development is dedicated to understanding how these coordinated interactions lead to cell growth, cell division and the development of living organisms.

Life is more complicated than a binary interaction of two factors and its regulation; various processes need to occur in parallel for a cell to function normally. For this reason, this research area covers a broad range of aspects from signal transduction, gene regulatory networks, cell division and cell cycle control to membrane transport, protein and mRNA transport, in a variety of experimental organisms such as bacteria, yeasts, worms, flies, fish and mammals.

This broad spectrum of experimental systems and regulatory processes makes it possible to investigate the basis of organ development, cancer and muscle function. In these endeavors, collaborative arrangements with other groups at the Biozentrum, in particular those from the research areas Structural Biology & Biophysics and Computational & Systems Biology are sought. The research groups involved in Growth & Development are also involved in initiatives within the University and beyond, such as the Basel Stem Cell Network, and