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Mechanical and Electronic Workshops

The Mechanical and Electronic Workshops at the Biozentrum maintain and repair all lab equipment in the building and support the researchers’ creativity by producing many custom-made products ranging from individual parts to developing and constructing new apparatus. 

The requirements for lab apparatus are as diverse as the research topics at the Biozentrum. For this reason, you will find a whole range of non-commercially available devices and installations throughout the institute. The Mechanical and Electronic Workshops develop a diversity of custom-made products in line with the wishes and specifications of the researchers. They range from cooling microscopy adaptors, evaporation systems, rotators, Faraday cages, fume extraction hoods with HEPA filters, observation chambers, timers, stepper motor drivers to treadmills for mice.

They also attend to repairs and ensure proper functioning of all small and large lab apparatus including centrifuges, analytical devices, -80°C freezers and autoclaves.

The mechanical workshops also train apprentices to become polymechanics. More information on the apprenticeship can be found here

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