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Postdoctoral researchers at the Biozentrum

The Biozentrum is an ideal place to do a postdoc and spur your scientific career. The PostDoc Club has the interests of the Biozentrum's postdoctoral researchers from all over the world at heart. The Club supports you in all questions related to career planning, organizes social events, and generally furthers the well-being of postdocs in and around Basel.

The first thing for newly-minted PhDs who want to continue in research is usually a limited postdoctoral appointment, or postdoc for short. Over a period of one to four years, postdoc researchers work in one or more laboratories on research projects to deepen and extend their expertise in a specific area of research. During this time, they usually have sponsorship in the form of grants or stipends. Time spent as a postdoc constitutes a necessary step for researchers who want to remain in academia or to pursue a career in the private sector. There are currently about 150 postdocs at the Biozentrum, either on stipends or filling advertised positions.

The PostDoc Club
The Biozentrum has founded a club especially for postdocs. It represents and coordinates the interests of postdocs at the Biozentrum.

The PostDoc Club aims to encourage professional cooperation between the postdocs working here and to nurture social contact. It is open to both new and established postdocs and supports its members in questions of career planning, sources of funding (financial contributions), finding the way around the University, and anything else concerned with life in Basel. The Club organizes talks, courses and social events, and offers a platform to exchange personal and professional views.

Well-attended talks
The PostDoc Club is mainly responsible for organizing monthly talks, inviting speakers from within the university and elsewhere. These talks not only provide insight into the most varying professional experiences of established biologists but also identify different career options. They are arrenged together with the PhD Student Club (

Worth knowing:
Biozentrum PostDoc Retreat: two-day seminar by postdocs and for postdocs. More info at