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Registration for the Scientific Symposium and “Science, Art and Society”:

Please note: The Scientific Symposium, as well as the subsequent event “Science, Art and Society” followed by an apéro are free of charge. However, as seats are limited, we kindly ask you to Register until  March 11, 2016. Please register here.

Registration for the dinner at Safran Zunft:

Please note: The dinner at Restaurant Safran Zunft will cost CHF 100 per person. Seats are limited. To make your registration for the dinner valid, please transfer CHF 100 to:

University of Basel, Petersplatz 1, P.O. Box 2148, 4001 Basel, Switzerland
Basler Kantonalbank IBAN CH46 0077 0020 0590 4392 2 / SWIFT: BKBBCHBBXXX /Reference: DBZ6639

In case of any further queries please contact Mrs. Brigitte Olufsen (brigitte.olufsen(at)unibasto make life hard for spam