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12:30‐12:55 Registration

12:55‐13:00 Opening remarks

Session 1 (Chair: Regula Furrer)

13:00‐13:50 Keynote lecture: Patrick Schrauwen (Maastricht University)
„Energy turnover as a target to improve muscle insulin resistance“

13:50‐14:10 Cornelia Habacher (FMI, Basel) “Ribonuclease‐mediated control of
body fat”

14:10‐14:30 Alanna Cameron (MPI, Freiburg) “The role of NAD+ and requirement
for NAMPT in inflammatory macrophages”

14:30‐14:50 François Singh (DBM, Basel) “PGC‐1ß is required for mitochondrial
muscle adaptations in response to statins”

14:50‐15:40 Coffee Break

Session 2 (Chair: Martin Weihrauch)

15:40‐16:00 Ramon Klein Geltink (MPI, Freiburg) “Mitochondrial priming by

16:00‐16:20 Weiwei Zhang (University Hospital of Freiburg) “MSC‐mediated
protection of ß‐cells during cellular stress involves activation of both Akt and
ERK1/2 signalling”

16:20‐16:40 Jasmin Grählert (DBM, Basel) „Effector Function and Metabolism of
Cytokine‐Induced Memory‐Like NK Cells“

16:40‐17:30 Keynote lecture: Christian Wolfrum (ETH Zurich): „Brown
adipocyte formation and function“

17:30‐17:40 Closing Remarks

17:40‐19:30 Light buffet and informal discussions

Due to short-term changes, please check the final version AND please print your own copy of the program before coming to TriRhena in Basel.

Program pdf