The Biozentrum of the University of Basel is one of the worldwide leading institutes for molecular and biomedical basic research and teaching.

In the training of top qualified scientists for the future to work in universities, industry and the community, the Biozentrum emphasizes a strong research orientation and the close guidance of its students.

In its research, the Biozentrum incorporates the benefits of being international, interdisciplinary and innovative along with having leading-edge technology and highly qualified and motivated employees.

Not too young to be a researcher - kids@science at the Biozentrum

Again, for the sixth time, the Biozentrum of the University of Basel is opening its labs to the young participants of the study week kids@science, a program organized by the foundation “Schweizer Jugend forscht”. Over four days, boys and girls from throughout the whole of the German-speaking region of Switzerland slip into the role of a research... more

Treating cancer with drugs for diabetes and hypertension

A combination of a diabetes medication and an antihypertensive drug can effectively combat cancer cells. The team of researchers led by Prof. Michael Hall at the Biozentrum of the University of Basel has also reported that specific cancer cells respond to this combination of drugs. The results of the study have now been published in “Science... more

Store and supply – how the brain saves time

Neurons in the brain store RNA molecules – DNA gene copies – in order to rapidly react to stimuli. This storage dramatically accelerates the production of proteins. This is one of the reasons why neurons in the brain can adapt quickly during learning processes. The recent results of the research group led by Prof. Peter Scheiffele at the... more

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Nutrient sensing and TOR signaling in yeast and mammals. The EMBO journal , ahead of print, 1-12. more