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Important Dates

Biozentrum Discovery Seminar
Prof. Hashim M. Al-Hashimi, Duke University, USA
"Dynamic structural biology: Bringing the structures of nucleic acids to life"
October 21, 2019, 12:15 pm, Lecture hall 1, Pharmazentrum

«Einblicke Biozentrum»
Public lecture series (in German)
Prof. Alex Schier
Lebensursprung – Wie ein Lebewesen entsteht.  | More
November 5, 2019, 7 pm, Lecture Hall 1

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For the prestigious and independent Biozentrum PhD fellowships that provide a unique rotation-based selection of research groups. More
Application deadline: December 15, 2019

Bachelor − Master − PhD


Fabienne Estermann, Master of Science student: Interview
Good time management is important to her. Because, besides her studies, she is actively involved in the Biology student’s organization or the Summer Research Academy. More


Artan Ademi, Master of Science student: Interview
Getting to the bottom of things is something he has always loved doing. That is why was drawn to basic research and to the Biozentrum in Basel. More


Arantxa Urchueguía, PhD student / Biozentrum PhD Fellow: Interview
She was attracted by the interdisciplinary research and the PhD Fellowships program and its unique opportunity to look into different research groups. More


Ricardo Righetto, PhD student: Interview

He always wanted to do his PhD abroad. What he likes about Basel is the huge life sciences network and its location in the center of Europe. More


State-of-the-art infrastructure for leading-edge research

The Biozentrum will move into a new home to continue fostering its world class research. It will house 600 researchers from around the world and a large range of highly sensitive scientific installations. For the university as a whole, an additional lecture hall capacity for 800 students is being created.  More



The Biozentrum Alumni organization enables the more than 1800 former employees and students to keep in touch and to keep on sharing in the life at the Biozentrum. Joint in! More


Alumnus André Brunella: Interview
He has been searching for years for the magic formula to spare us from having to visit the dentist. But he does not only juggle with formulae for toothpastes, but also for artwork. More


Alumna Michaela Roth: Interview
In Tanzania you can wait for five hours for a train, and no one complains. In Sweden there is a two-month summer break. In Switzerland, in contrast, this time is used efficiently. More