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Media & Lab Ware Preparation

The Media & Lab Ware Preparation team at the Biozentrum ensures that the researchers are provided with the materials they require each day for their experiments. From pipette tips to media and whether washed, sterilized or freshly filled – all items are efficiently delivered to the research groups.

The Media & Lab Ware Preparation (MLP) team at the Biozentrum is responsible for a wide variety of tasks. One of the main functions is to appropriately treat the used lab and experimental materials and prepare them for reuse according to the research needs. This includes refilling pipette tips, cleaning lab glassware, providing lab coats and the sterilization of items used daily. The team is also responsible for the disposal and deactivation of contaminated material up to biosafety level 2 and so makes a valuable contribution to ensuring that the cutting-edge research stays environmentally safe and responsible. 

Media Kitchen
A part of the team is specialized in providing culture media for the various study organisms. In consultation with the researchers, recipes are formulated to provide for the dietary requirements of the institute’s bacteria, flies, fish, worms and cells. Apart from culture media for experiments, the researchers can also order standardized solutions and concentrates from the catalogue.