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Biozentrum Discovery Seminars

Biozentrum Discovery (BZD) is a seminar series, which alternates between talks by invited speakers from other institutions and seminars given by graduate students and postdocs from the Biozentrum. Since its establishment in 2018, the following seminars have taken place:  

October 16, 2020 (via zoom)
"Distinct roles of Dpp/BMP morphogen dispersal and signaling during Drosophila wing development"
Dr. Shinya Matsuda (Affolter group)

"Arginine promotes liver cancer"
Dr. Dirk Mossmann (Hall group)
September 18, 2020 (via zoom)
"Transient interactions in the early wiring of cortical circuits: from neuronal guideposts to immune cells"
Sonia Garel, Institut de Biologie de l'Ecole Normale Superiore, IBENS, Paris; Host: Fiona Doetsch
September 11, 2020 (via zoom)
"From membrane repair to metabolism – unexpected insights from a muscular dystrophy"
Dr. Regula Furrer, Group Christoph Handschin

"High pressure switches ß1-adrenergic receptor to the active state in the absence of G protein"
Dr. Layara Abiko, Group Stephan Grzesiek
July 3, 2020 (via zoom)
Ninja Warrior: How a bacterial pathogen hijacks host signaling
Dr. Isabel Sorg, Group Christoph Dehio

The dynamic brain of a future mother: adult neurogenesis during pregnancy
Dr. Zayna Chaker, Group Fiona Doetsch
June 19, 2020 (via zoom)
Diverse organization & lamina-induced stretching of embryonic chromosomes
Dr. Ahilya N. Sawh, Group Susan Mango

Technology news from Biophysics, FACS and Imaging Core Facilities
Tim Sharpe, Janine Bögli and Alexia Loynton
June 5, 2020 (via zoom)
Eating and self-eating: targeting autophagy to endosomes
Dr. Valentina Millarte, Group Martin Spiess

The dynamic mechanism of 4E-BP1 recognition by mTORC1
Dr. Raphael Böhm, Group Sebastian Hiller
May 15, 2020 (via zoom)
Restoring muscle scaffolding for a stable future: Towards a gene therapy for LAMA2 neuromuscular disease
Dr. Judith Reinhard, Group Markus Rüegg

FERARI: a platform involved in endocytic recycling
Harun-Or Rashid, Group Anne Spang
February 21, 2020
Proteomics is coming of age - can it retire the Western Blot?
Dr. Alexander Schmidt, Head Proteomics Core Facility

Bacterial kinase activation by second messenger induced domain liberation
Elia Agustoni, Group Tilman Schirmer
December 6, 2019
Less is more when it comes to mTORC1 and muscle aging, 
Dr. Daniel Ham, Group Markus Rüegg

The transcriptional biography of developing tissues
Dr. Yiqun Wang, Group Alex Schier
November 28, 2019, 4:15 pm
Sorting of small RNAs for secretion in human exosomes,
Nobel laureate Prof. Randy Schekman, University of California, Berkeley 
Host: Anne Spang
November 8, 2019
Observing bacterial pathogen evolution with long read sequencing, 
Dr. Nicholas Noll, Group Richard Neher

Control of neuronal synapse specification by alternative splicing, 
Dr. Lisa Traunmüller, Group Peter Scheiffele
October 21, 2019
Dynamic structural biology: Bringing the structures of nucleic acids to life, Prof. Hashim M. Al-Hashimi, Duke University, Host: Stephan Grzesiek
October 4, 2019
"Heterogeneity in host-pathogen encounters: single cell activities of Salmonella in infected host tissues", Francesca Cianfanelli, Group Dirk Bumann

"Identifying a good animal model for age-related muscle loss in humans", Anastasiya Börsch, Group Mihaela Zavolan
September 27, 2019
"The self-assembling brain - through the eye of a fly", Prof. Robin Hiesinger, Institute of Biology, Free University Berlin, Host: Peter Scheiffele
September 6, 2019
"A.I. in microscopy: Deep learning in image restoration and analysis", Oliver Bielmaier, IMCF

"Targeting Coronin 1 to kill and tolerate", Rajesh Jayachandran, Group Jean Pieters
June 21, 2019
"The first steps in vision: cell types, circuits and repair", Prof. Botond Roska, Director Institute of Molecular and Clinical Ophthalmology Basel (IOB) Host:Fiona Doetsch
June 7, 2019
"Brainstem circuits for diversification of skilled forelimb movements", Ludwig Ruder, Group Silvia Arber

"Finding n.e.m.o. RNAi" Jadiel Wasson, Group Susan Mango
May 3, 2019
"Going too fast to notice anything", Thomas Julou, Group Erik van Nimwegen

"When death is not enough: The evolution of the T6SS as a lytic weapon in microbial warfare", Andrea Vettiger, Group Marek Basler
March 29, 2019
"The structure of discoidal high-density lipoprotein particles", Stefan Bibow, Group Sebastian Hiller

"PERsuading muscle to move around the clock", Julien Delezie, Group Christoph Handschin

February 22, 2019
"Fat, friend or foe?: Regulation of glucose homeostasis", Mitsugu Shimobayashi, Group Michael Hall

"Fat: friend and foe! How cholesterol fine tuning is required for development", Carla Cadena del Castillo, Group Anne Spang

February 1, 2019
"Long-term single cell quantification: New tools for old questions", Prof. Timm Schroeder, D-BSSE, ETH Zurich, Host: Prof. Fiona Doetsch
December 7, 2018
"Should I stay or should I go: Bacterial decision-making for host colonization", Benoit Laventie, Group Urs Jenal

"Motivation to socialize: Recognizing others through reward", Hanna Hörnberg, Group Peter Scheiffele
November 27, 2018
"How synapses work: Architecture and mechanisms of neurotransmitter receptors and transporters", Eric Gouaux, Vollum Institute, OHSU, USA, Host: Camilo Perez