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RIF Equipment

All researcher affiliated to a research group of the Biozentrum may obtain access and training, and become independent users of the instruments listed below. Please ask for access to our booking system and request training by writing a mail to RIFunibasch or simply dropping by (07.064, 07.068 or 07.072). 

Link to the Biozentrum Wiki (only for Biozentrum employees) with detailed information.

Computer aided manufacturing

3D printer using digital light processing (B9 Creations Elite Micro)
Use this printer for prototyping of micro-sized parts from a clear or opaque resin when resolution is crucial

3D printer using low force stereolithography (Formlabs Form 3)
Use this printer for prototyping of small parts from a wide range of resins when surface smoothness and resolution are crucial

3D printer using low force stereolithography (Formlabs Form 3L)
Use this printers for prototyping of larger or many small parts from a wide range of resins when surface smoothness and resolution are crucial

3D printers using fused deposition modeling (Ultimaker S5)
Use these printers for prototyping of larger parts from a great variety of thermoplastics and stainless steal when surface smoothness and resolution aren't crucial  

3D printers using fused deposition modeling (Bambu Lab X1-Carbon)
Use this printer for rapid iterative prototyping - ideal for PLA

3D printer using fused deposition modeling with continuous fiber reinforcement (Markforged MarkTwo)
Use this printer for prototyping of mid-sized parts reinforced with carbon, fiberglass or aramid when high strength and durability is demanded

Laser cutter (Time Technology tt-900)
Use this cutter to cut and engrave non-halogenated plastics and to engrave metals and glass with dimensions up to 90 x 60 cm

Water jet cutter (Omax ProtoMAX)
Use this cutter to cut virtually everything with dimension up to 30 x 30 x 2.5 cm

3 axis CNC mill (Roland monoFab SRM-20)
Use this small desktop mill to fabricate PCB boards and to prototype 3D models from a wide range of non-metal materials

5 axis CNC mill (PocketNC V2-10)
Use this small desktop mill to create small pieces with complex geometries from materials up to the hardness of G5 titanium

Handheld CNC router (Shaper Origin)
Use this handheld router for larger scale cutting, trimming, and shaping of wood, plastics and a variety of metals

Chemical vapor smoothing (Zortrax Apoller)
Use this post-processing device for smoothing and sealing FDM 3D prints made from ABS and HIPS

Computer aided design, modelling and simulation

3D scanning using structured light and photogrammetry (Shining Einscan Pro HD)
Use this scanner in hand held or stationary mode to start your reverse engineering process

Virtual reality headset (HP reverb G2)
Use this VR headset to remesh your scans in a intuitive manner and prepare them for further parametrization with CAD software

Workstations with various CAD/CAM software/Altium/Comsol (various)
Use these powerful workstations to parametrize your scans, to prepare your 3D prints, cuts or milling jobs from scratch to design your circuits or to model your systems

Mechanical workspace

Micro TIG welder (Sunstone Orion200i)
Use this welder with microscope  to join various metals with high precision

Ultrasonic plastic welder (Branson LPX)
Use this handheld welder to join various plastics glue-less

Plasma oven (Diener femto)
Use this dual gas plasma oven to clean and activate surfaces and for bonding applications

Power tools

Bench drill (Bosch PDB 40)
Band saw (Metallkraft MBS 105)
Belt grinder (Optimum OptiGrind GU 20S)
Combo chop/circular/miter saw (Makita LH1201FL)
Dremel 4000 (4000-6/128)


Drill/driver (Bosch professional cordless GSR 18V-21)
Drill/driver (Bosch professional cordless GSR 18V-28) 
Jigsaw (Bosch professional cordless GST 18 V-LI S)
Angle grinder (Bosch professional cordless GWS 18-125 V-LI)
Circular saw (Bosch professional cordless GKS 18 V-L)
Reciprocating saw (Bosch professional cordless GSA 18 V-LI C)


Fully equipped tool trolley
Riveting gun
Heat gun
Metal bender
Thread cutter sets
Various drill head sets
Fastener stock

Electronics workspace

Arbitrary Function Generator 1Ch 50MHz (Tektronix AFG31051)
Oscilloscope 4Ch 200MHz (Tektronix TBS2204B0)
Oscilloscope 2Ch 50MHz (Tektronix TBS1052C)
6 1/2 digit digital multi meter (Keysight 34465A)
Triple channel power supply (Keithley 2231A-30-3)
Soldering station and accessories (Weller WSR 230)
PCB driller (OptiDrill)
Reflow oven (Wetec RO160BF)
Digital stereo microscope (Mantis elite)

Optics workspace

Various optics kits
Spherical and aspherical lenses, bandpass and edge filters, diffusors, neutral density filters, mirrors etc.

Various optomechanics kits
Bases, Posts, cages, mounts, pillars, lens tubes etc.   


Galvo mirror systems
Power meters
Optical table and a desktop breadboard

Time-resolved fluorescence

Our PicoQuant MT200 is a tool for quantifying physical properties in living systems with single molecule resolution
Available laser lines: LED 405, 483, 530, 560, 640 and a tunable TiSaph  690 - 1050 nm in combination with a pulse picker

Possible in vitro or in vivo fluorescence lifetime based measurement modalities and applications include:

Fluorescence Lifetime Imaging - FLIM - for the determination of macromolecular environments

Fluorescence Lifetime (Cross-)Correlation Spectroscopy - FL(C)CS - for the determination of diffusion coefficients, concentrations or dissociation constants

Fluorescence Anisotropy Imaging for the determination oligomeric states and ligand binding

Lifetime-based Förster resonance energy transfer - FLIM-FRET - conformational changes and spatial distributions