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Thermo Fisher Scientific Glacios TEM

200kV X-FEG optics. C-TWIN objective lens. Autoloader for multi-grid loading at cryo-LN2 temperature and automated exchange of grid to column. 

The Glacios instrument is housed in a metal system enclosure which reduces its sensitivity to sound and temperature disturbances or fluctuations.

Two detectors are present; Thermo Fisher Scientific CETA 16M Pixel CMOS camera ideal for screening and setting up sessions; Gatan K3 2416M Pixel (5,760 x 4,092) direct Electron Detector .

Fitted with a Volta Phase Plate.

EPU and SerialEM software for automated EM data acquisition.

The Glacios is an advanced cryo-transmission electron microscope that can used in a single particle analysis (SPA) workflow for pre-screening and assessment of sample quality before transferring to the Titan Krios cryo-TEM for ultimate-resolution SPA data acquisition.

EPU software can be used for automated atlas screening to gauge grid ice quality using the Ceta camera. Furthermore, the Glacios cryo-TEM is configured with a K3 Direct Electron Detector to be a complete standalone SPA data acquisition solution. Digital FluCam can be used for initial alignments, microscope set-up and optimization.

SerialEM software is used for longer term unattended acquisition after suitable grid selection and set-up. Electron tomography applications are also possible under SerialEM.


Electron source

High-brightness field emission gun (X-FEG)

Accelerating voltage

200 kV


2.7 mm


Automated loading of grids from cassettes, containing up to 12 Autogrids

Software Ceta CCD camera

EPU Software for SPA sample assessment, optimization

Software Gatan K3

SerialEM optimized for automated acquisition of images/movies


Symmetric constant power objective lens (minimizes image aberrations and lens hysteresis during mode switching)


Computerized 4-axes specimen stage with ±70° alpha tilt (Compustage)


Rotation-free imaging upon magnification changes

Pole piece gap

11 mm