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BioEM Lab Prices 2024




University of Basel

Other Academia


Sample prep

Negative staining, Vitrobot, Leica GP, EMpact2,
Resin embedding, Ultramicrotome

50 CHF/h

60 CHF/h

120 CHF/h


Stellaris 8

25 CHF/h

30 CHF/h

100 CHF/h

SEM FEI Versa 

50 CHF/h

70 CHF/h

250 CHF/h

FIB/SEM Aquilos 2 150 CHF/half day
300 CHF/day
200 CHF/half day
400 CHF/day
1250 CHF/half day
2500 CHF/day
TEM FEI Spirit (80 KV)
TalosC (120 KV)
Talos (200 KV)
40 CHF/h 50 CHF/h 250 CHF/h
TEM + Operator FEI Spirit (80 KV)
TalosC (120 KV)
Talos (200 KV)
50 CHF/h 60 CHF/h 300 CHF/h
High-end TEM

200 KV Glacios/K3

300 KV Titan/GIF/K2

300KV Titan G4/Selectris/Falcon4

400 CHF/day

500 CHF/day

600 CHF/day

500 CHF/day

600 CHF/day

700 CHF/day

2000 CHF/day

2500 CHF/day

3000 CHF/day

Data Analysis Workstation 40 CHF/h 60 CHF/h 100 CHF/h

Alternatively, a pricing per sample or per project can be defined. A quotation can be provided upon request.

In addition to the fees, we kindly request that you acknowledge the BioEM lab and the involved BioEM Lab member/s in resulting publications. BioEM Lab members should also be considered as co-authors in works that require substantial intellectual input, such as when dealing with very challenging samples, interpreting results or obtaining a high-resolution 3D reconstruction. Please inform the Head of BioEM of any resulting publications or posters as this is important for our reporting purposes.

An example of a general acknowledgement: “We thank the BioEM Lab of the Biozentrum, University of Basel, for their support”.