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News Archive 2023

23. Januar 2023

Biozentrum Highlights 2022

A year has gone by, rich in personal interactions and fascinating science, a year in which we filled our new "home" with life. The past year's highlights are now published in the current issue of the "Biozentrum Highlights" brochure.

After more than two years of the Covid pandemic, research and life at the Biozentrum have largely returned to normal. This extraordinary time has taught us that much can be replaced by virtual formats, but face-to-face encounters are indispensable for a vibrant community and moving forward together. And so, there were many opportunities last year for the Biozentrics to exchange ideas and interact with the public. 

In addition to events such as the first Biozentrum Retreat, the scientific Biozentrum Discovery Seminars, and the resumed public lecture series "Einblicke Biozentrum," the Open House Day on September 17, 2022, was one of the highlights that will remain long in the memories of all visitors and participants. More than 4,000 visitors seized the opportunity to take a behind-the-scenes look at research. The great collective effort of all those involved made the Open House Day a success and strengthened the Biozentrum community. 

The papers published in 2022 reflect the value and fruitfulness of cooperation across disciplines and institutions in scientific research. The discovery of a new antibiotic and its mode of action, the functioning of cell receptors that are important drug targets, the spread of new coronavirus variants, high-speed storage of carbon dioxide in bacteria, or a combination therapy for the treatment of age-related muscle wasting are just some of the latest scientific discoveries at the Biozentrum. 

Young scientists also greatly benefited from the research spirit and the joy of sharing knowledge. With "How to be a Scientist", a new course was launched for young scientists who have just started their PhD at the Biozentrum. Also, in 2022, high school students from the Basel region could get a taste of research at the "Summer Science Academy", and Bachelor students had the opportunity to work on real research projects during the "Biozentrum Research Summer". 

And last but not least, the founding of the start-up "SEAL Therapeutics" and the support of the Biozentrum spin-offs "Aukera Therapeutics" and "NXI Therapeutics" prove that basic research is time and again an inspiration and source for new applications in medicine and biotechnology. Enjoy browsing through and reading the new issue of “Biozentrum Highlights”.

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