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A3: New Approaches to Tackle Antibiotic Resistance – 14466

(1 hr/week; 1 CP; Fall 2024)

Urs Jenal, Marek Basler, Dirk Bumann, Christoph Dehio, Médéric Diard, Knut Drescher 

This lecture series was redesigned in the scope of the recently established Swiss-wide research network on antibiotics called AntiResist. This research program is sponsored by the SNSF as one of its National Competence Centers in Research (NCCR) and brings together research groups from different disciplines including infectiologists/clinicians, molecular and computational biologists as well as tissue engineers.
AntiResist strives for a better understanding of processes caused by bacterial pathogens in infected patients and attempts to simulate these conditions in tissue models. The ultimate goal is to find new antibiotics and develop alternative strategies to fight antibiotic-resistant bacteria by directly linking basic with clinical research.

Internationally renowned scientists from different disciplines will be presenting their latest findings and will discuss how their work relates to a better understanding of infection processes and antibiotic therapy.

We expect an audience of microbiologists, infection biologists, clinicians, and engineers involved or interested in the AntiResist research program.

To gain credit

- participation to the complete lecture series is obligatory (no more than 2 unexcused absences will be accepted) and

- participation in one journal club discussion of 2 selected publications by one of the guest speakers.


  • General Information
    The lectures will be presented in person and take place on Tuesdays 12.15 pm (CET)
  • Selected lectures may be streamed by zoom to a national/international audience.
  • Exceptional time changes necessary for overseas speakers will be announced.
  • Inquiries: Christelle Hostettler: / Prof. Urs Jenal: