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B5: Neurex – 68803 (Fall 2023)

(1 CP for a 2 day workshop or 2 one day workshops, every semester)

Fiona Doetsch, Pascale Piguet (Coordinator NEUREX), and lecturers of the trinational Neuroscience Network (Basel, Freiburg, Strasbourg)

The workshops consist of regular tri-national events, and include both theoretical and practical teaching in all aspects of Neuroscience. Workshops are organized in the context of the Neuro Campus Project of the Neurex Network, and involve teachers-scientists, as well as students from the three Universities of Basel, Freiburg (Germany) and Strasbourg (France).

The Neurex workshops are open to students, junior and senior scientists of the Universities of Basel, Freiburg (D) and Strasbourg (F). Most of the workshops take place in one of the three above-cited cities. The topics addressed are diverse and cover all aspects of neuroscience, from fundamental to clinical research, from the molecular level to systems neuroscience and behavioral studies. A list of ongoing and past events is available on in the section “Events to come”. If you create a Neurex account, you will automatically receive updates on newly added workshops and events.

Students must attend either one 2 day workshop (1 CP) or two one day workshops (0.5 CP each) during the semester to receive 1 CP. It is not possible to receive 0.5 CP. Please make to register for all workshops on

Please note: industrial visits offered do not count into the credit point system.