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C3: Molecular Mechanisms of Development – 13166

(2 hrs/week; 2 CP; Fall 2025)

M. Affolter, U. Jenal, A. Spang, R. Zeller

Progress in molecular biology, genetic analysis and imaging technology in the past few years has led to a dramatic increase in the understanding of developmental processes. A number of different pathways have been elucidated that lead to the acquisition of different fates by originally equivalent cells. The spectrum of molecules involved in taking these decisions range from receptor-ligand complexes at the cell surface to transcription factors in the nucleus and targets of these transcription regulators. This lecture will present examples for developmental switches in a variety of systems, including single-cell organisms, plants, nematodes, flies and vertebrates. The lecture will illustrate a way of thinking rather than attempt to cover single details of the issues discussed.