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H3: Molecular Control of Vertebrate Development and Organogenesis – 14459

(2 hrs/week; 2 CP, Fall 2024)

Verdon Taylor, Rolf Zeller, Aimée Zuniga

This course will introduce the participants to the basic principles, genetic tools and vertebrate model systems used to study developmental processes. The main part of the lecture is dedicated to introducing and discussing the development of organs and central nervous system (organogenesis). Particular emphasis will be given to the current knowledge of the gene regulatory networks, signaling interactions and transcriptional regulation of organogenesis. In addition, the participants will learn about the insights the analysis of vertebrate development provides into the molecular changes underlying evolution of vertebrates (Evo-Devo). Also, the relevance of development control mechanisms for tissue engineering, stem cells and human congenital malformations will be highlighted. This course will cover both basics and cutting edge novel findings relevant to a good understanding of the molecular mechanisms governing embryonic development and organogenesis in vertebrates.