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I10: Applied Statistics Using R – 49935

(3 days; 1 CP; Spring 2024)

Course dates: 7.2. - 9.2.2024

Thomas Fabbro

3-day course on applied statistics using the open-source software environment R for statistics and graphics ( Apart from being a powerful software environment for statistical analyses, you can easily produce tables and publication quality graphics with R. Using one software for statistics and graphics reduces the danger of inconsistencies. The course combines lectures and practical exercises using R. Participants should therefore bring their own laptops if possible. Detailed instructions for software installation will be provided after registration.

Of course, we will not be able to explore the full capabilities of R in three days. After this course, however, participants should be able to continue working independently with R. The course includes an Exam on day 3.

Day 1: Introduction to R
Course participants will be guided through their first R session or refresh their R programming
skills. We will focus on the basics of the R programming language and on working with data.

Day 2: Tables, Graphics and reproducible reports
Course participants will produce tables and graphics using R and learn how the use of
markdown ( allows to directly embed R code and R output in
text documents (keyword: reproducible research).

Day 3: Data analysis
Course participants will refresh their knowledge about basic statistical tests and linear models
(including ANOVA and linear regression) and learn how to apply them in R. An outlook on more
complex statistical models will be given at the end of the day.