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I4: Introduction into Fluorescence and Live Cell Imaging – 34605

(4 days; 2 CP;  Course dates: 9.5. - 12.5.2023) THE COURSE IS FULLY BOOKED!

Oliver Biehlmaier, Nikolaus Ehrenfeuchter, Alexia Loynton-Ferrand, Sara Raquel Roig Merino, Kai Schleicher

Imaging procedures are becoming increasingly important in all fields of biological research. This course will provide an introduction to fluorescence microscopy and live cell imaging and will be composed of lectures and associated hands-on sessions. The lecture series covers basics of light and fluorescence microscopy and gives an overview on image processing. Practical work using wide-field and confocal microscopes will be a major part of this course (50%). The participants will set-up experiments on state-of-the-art microscopes and analyze the resulting imaging data. The aim of this course is to provide students with the basic concepts underlying modern microscopy techniques. The validation of the course will consist in a written exam.

Please note that this course DOES overlap with the current IMCF Blockkurs!