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Name Achievements Position and Years

Elia Agustoni

Resolved the dynamic activation mechanism of a hybrid histidine kinase


PhD Thesis 2023

Seyed Majed Modaresi

Identified dynobactin, a systemic antibiotic for Gram-negative bacteria

PhD Thesis 2023

Thomas Müntener

Shed light on the tremendous potential pseudocontact shifts have in structural biology

Research Associate

2022 –

Morris Degen

Elucidated the structural basis of NINJ1-mediated plasma membrane rupture in cell death

PhD Student

2022 –

Anna Leder

PhD Student

2021 –

Johanna Ude

Determined the transportome of bacterial porins

PhD Thesis 2021

Christopher Kolloff

Extended the theory of modeling sub-μs dynamics in spin relaxation

Master Thesis 2021

Joka Pipercevic

Discovered the true nature of the Colicin Ia membrane pore

PhD Thesis 2021

Hundeep Kaur

Resolved the mechanism of action of the antibiotic darobactin


Now group leader at Lonza

Postdoctoral Fellow

2018 – 2021

Parthasarathi Rath

Resolved the folding mechanism of OmpX into a lipid bilayer


Postdoctoral Fellow

2017 – 2022

Guillaume Mas

Unraveled a novel chaperone activation mechanism


Postdoctoral Fellow

2016 – now

Stefan Bibow

Determined membrane protein and lipid dynamics



Departed to Lonza

Postdoctoral Fellow

2017 – 2019

Jean-Baptiste Hartmann

World record: NMR assignments of the 42 kDa integral membrane protein BamA

PhD Thesis 2018


Raphael Böhm

Unravelled how mTORC1 phosphorylates 4E-BP1


Resolved the dynamic activation mechanism of a hybrid histidine kinase


Now Laboratory Head at NUVISAN Innovation Campus Berlin

Postdoctoral Fellow

2014 – 2020

Lichun He

Revealed that molecular chaperones recognize frustrated surfaces


Established dynamic interactions as the basis for chaperone promiscuousness


Now Professor at Chinese Academy of Sciences Wuhan

Postdoctoral Fellow

2014 – 2018

Lorenzo Sborgi

Structure determination of the inflammasome ASC filament

Reconstituted Gasdermin pore formation



Departed to CSL Behring

Postdoctoral Fellow

2013 – 2017

Leonor Morgado

Structure determination of the chaperone trigger factor dimer



Departed to Universidade Nova de Lisboa

Postdoctoral Fellow

2013 – 2017

 Björn Burmann


First complete description of structure and dynamics of a natural chaperone-client complex


Established client dynamics on chaperones Skp and SurA


Resolved regulation mechanism of α-synuclein by chaperones


Now Professor at Gothenborg University

Postdoctoral Fellow

2010 – 2017

Thomas Raschle

Determined the folding mechanism of OmpX in micelles

Departed to Creoptix, Wädenswil

Postdoctoral Fellow

2013 – 2015

Morgane Callon

Developed a method to map chaperone-client interfaces

Determined metabolic response to Shigella infection



Now postdoc at ETH Zurich

PhD Thesis 2015

Fabian Gruss

Determined the structure of the membrane protein insertase TamA


Departed to Leuven University

PhD Thesis 2015

Kornelius Zeth

Established NMR spectroscopy of BamA

Now Professor at Roskilde University

Postdoctoral Fellow