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At the Biozentrum a lot of talented and curiosity-driven women are doing impactful research – here we have featured two postdocs and PhD candidates as well as research group leader.

Laura de Smalen, PhD Student, Group Handschin
We need to create an environment where all scientists are treated equally by putting an end to gender biases, stereotypes, discrimination based on gender, and structural barriers. More

Fabienne Estermann, PhD Student, Group Bumann
My wish for the future is that we as a society get to the point where we will stop asking women questions that men usually don’t get. More

Jadiel Wasson, Postdoc, Group Mango
It is important that we celebrate this Women in Science Day as it highlights a group of people that have been an integral part of research without getting their due recognition. More

Susan Mango, Professor and Research Group Leader
In my lab, I want the best people, and so I don’t care about their gender, and I also don’t care about their nationality, sexual preference, race or religion. Excellent scientists come in many flavors. More

Lucia Du, Postdoc, Group Schier
I think it is important to encourage students at an early age to explore subjects that are considered typically oriented for the opposite gender. More