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Biozentrum Discovery Seminars

Biozentrum Discovery (BZD) is a seminar series, which alternates between talks by invited speakers from other institutions and seminars given by graduate students and postdocs from the Biozentrum.

The seminars usually take place on Fridays at 12:15 - 13:15. 
Currently, seminars with internal speakers are given via zoom, those with external speakers as hybrids.

October 29, 2021 (zoom and Lecture Hall U1.131)
“Cooperation, competition and warfare in bacteria: from model systems to the microbiome”

Prof. Kevin Foster, University of Oxford, Oxford, UK,
Host: Médéric Diard

November 19, 2021 (zoom)
“Mapping high-resolution cell states in single-cell RNA-seq data”
Pascal Grobecker (group van Nimwegen)

Title: tba
Fabrizio Favaloro (group Doetsch)

November 25, 2021 (zoom and Maurice E. Müller Lecture Hall)  2 pm
“Germ cell migration: Finding the path toward immortality”

Prof. Ruth Lehmann, Director, Whitehead Institute, MIT
Host: Alex Schier

December 3, 2021 (zoom and Maurice E. Müller Lecture Hall)
Title: tba
Dr. Alain Chédotal, Institut de la Vision, Paris
Host: Flavio Donato

January 21, 2022 (zoom and Maurice E. Müller Lecture Hall)
Title: tba
Prof. Gillian M. Griffiths, Cambridge Institute for Medical Research, Cambridge, UK
Host: Anne Spang

April 1, 2022 (zoom and Maurice E. Müller Lecture Hall)
Title: tba
Prof. Prof. Rickard Sandberg, Karolinska Institute, Stockholm, Sweden
Host: Attila Becskei